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Painting your house exterior requires thought because you need to select a paint suitable for the design of the building itself. It must also be a durable and long-lasting type of paint. Maintenance efforts required for many years after painting should be minimal if your home is painted correctly.

If your house is an older style, choosing a modern color can look good but it might be a bit too dazzling for the neighbors. If neighboring houses have a more conservative style consider their kind of color schemes. Don't select super dramatic colors to emphasize the finer architectural details of an older home.

When your home is surrounded by nature you need to select exterior paint colors reflecting this natural environment. Try greens and browns. Use them in the right combination around the features so that you bring out the best design effects of your home.

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The good news about exterior painting is that you have so many color choices. You can select two, three or even six colors, for the exterior of your house. The more colors you choose the greater the effect on the exterior. Choose different unique color combinations so you come up with something good to look at. You can use various colors in combination for different parts of the home e.g. brackets, columns, doors, molding, and so on.

If you want your home to look larger consider painting it a white color. White makes a house look bigger than it actually is and, in this sense, gives it a more dramatic effect.

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Sometime people tend to go in for intense, bright colors for their homes. This can be a problem as intense colors will fade in the long run. They are  difficult to maintain. The positive benefit is they won’t show dust and stains as much as say white paint does. Glossy effect paints are the easiest for cleaning, but their shininess reveals imperfections on the wall surface.

best exterior house painting experts asheville

Exterior painting preparation is important before starting the actual process. Often, it is worthwhile to wash your home with a power washer. Remove all grease and loose dirt on painted walls and the new paint will sink in and last much longer.

Choose your exterior paint colors with care. They should not only look good, but also be durable. Once you have painted the exterior it will withstand a variety of weather conditions. This will give your house an appearance you will be proud to show anyone visiting your home.

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