Asheville House Painting Expert Tips Save You Money

Preventative action taken to prevent your home from gradual weather damage is a serious way to save costly home repairs. Painting your Asheville house on time is a wise investment. Talk to Housescapes Painting today...

Save Money By Painting Your Asheville Home On Time

 asheville housepainting experts money saving tips

How A New Paint Job Saves You Big Dollars

You are probably no stranger to the cost of repairing a home. If you are one of the few who has avoided these less than fun scenarioss get ready because you will if you don't take precautions. Most likely sooner than later.

The main reason for repairs being more costly and frequent is because of home owners not taking preventative action early enough. which Doing things sooner saves you thousands when it comes to home repairs.

Exterior paint is the protective cover of your home. Think of it as clothing for your house, protecting the vital areas from the damaging elements. Raincoat and sunshield all in one!

Timber left open to the harsh elements is exposed to a barrage of different dangers. When not treated immediately these can soon destroy your home. This will cost you tens of thousands of dollars in damage if not more. Good quality paint protects timber and steel from sunlight, water, and mold damage. The three main causes of wet or dry wood failure (aka rotting!).

The key to preventing such expensive disasters is to keep your home adequately “clothed”. Do a thorough inspection of all the painted areas of your home every year. Detection is the most important part of fixing failing paint. When identified, proper prep work, priming and painting will prevent you having to replace your house timber.

Housescapes Painting can identify when a home requires a repaint. Save your self big money in the long haul by calling us now for an inspection and house painting quote (if needed)

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