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Asheville Interior House Painting Ideas


Decorate any room using a combination of modern interior painting ideas. With so many different shades available today you can experiment with different color combinations. But first you must understand the effect a particular color gives off. This helps you figure out what color to choose. You base your choice of color on the feeling you want reflected in the room. If you are like most people you would probably like the ambience of your living room to be different than that of the kids room...and so on.

Here is a look at what certain basic colors imply:

White –  is an invigorating color. With a lot of energy the room looks brighter when light falls on the walls. Furniture and other room features stand out. Perfect for use with other colors because it brings out their shades and nuances.

Pink – a popular choice. It has a calming and relaxing effect. A superb color for bedrooms or any other part of the house where you sit and socialize with family or friends.

Orange – an energetic color! People notice it, it’s also a color that generates a lovely cheerful effect.

Green – soothes the mind due to it's natural balancing effect. Refreshingly ideal for alcoves and/or your drawing room.

Purple – Lighter shades of give off a nice romantic effect. A comforting color purple makes the room look more spacious. The darkest shades are usually best avoided.

Blue – a peaceful color. Lighter shades promote tranquility. Avoid bolder shades as they can be irritating.

People also use black, brown, grey and red (especially for dining rooms). These can be overwhelming. They are best used in combination with lighter colors like white, pink, green, peach, etc. 


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